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Personal Insurance

Your personal risk management strategy can have a major impact on your family’s financial bottom line. Gaps in coverage and inadequate liability protection could cost you financially.

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Business Insurance

Risk Resource® is a four-step process utilized by General Insurance Services, Inc. to identify, develop, implement and monitor the risk management strategies for you and your business.

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Health & Life Insurance

There are essentially two kinds of health insurance: Fee-for-Service and Managed Care. Although these plans differ, they both cover an array of medical, surgical and hospital expenses.

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Personal Insurance Articles

  1. Accident Without Injuries Etiquette
  2. Act Quickly to Minimize Damage Identity Theft
  3. Be Proactive to Prevent Identity Theft
  4. Beware of Telephone and Internet Scams Designed to Steal Your Identity 
  5. Determining What Coverage Limits You Need for Auto and Homeowners Insurance
  6. Discussing the Topic of Insurance with Your Parents
  7. Do You and Your Family Know How to Evacuate in an Emergency
  8. Don't Be CLUE-less When It Comes to Insuring Your House or Vehicles
  9. Facebook Follies: Will Your Insurance Help If You Say the Wrong Thing?
  10. Factors To Consider Before You File a Claim
  11. Families Should Have an Emergency Communication Plan
  12. Five Reasons You Might Want to Get Under an Umbrella Policy
  13. Insurance Mistakes That Will Cause You to Lose Money
  14. Insuring Your Student Away at College
  15. Its the Internet - There Is No Copyright Right
  16. Let an Umbrella Policy Be Your Safety Net
  17. Managing Your Risks When Hiring a Nanny
  18. Most Homeowners Planning Large Parties Don't Have Enough Insurance Coverage
  19. Natural Disaster Planning for Homeowners
  20. Neighbor vs Neighbor Does Insurance Cover You
  21. Prevent Yourself from Being Victimized Twice During to a Natural Disaster
  22. Protect Your Children While at College, Too!
  23. Renters Face Liability Risks Too
  24. Renters Insurance - Who Needs It and How to Buy It
  25. Safety First, Aye Captain
  26. Save Premiums by Raising Policy Deductibles
  27. Should You Consider Consolidating Your Coverages
  28. Sobering Statistics about Cell Phone Use While Driving
  29. Strangers on Your Property and Attractive Nuisances Whats Your Liability Exposure
  30. Talking on the Phone While Driving Could Cost More Than Your Realize
  31. Umbrella Insurance Protects You from More than Just Weather
  32. Umbrellas Are Not Just for Rainy Days Anymore
  33. When Moving Remember to Update Insurance Policies
  34. When Preparing for Disaster, Don't Forget to Include Your Assets
  35. Who Pays for Damages When Your Tree Falls on a Neighbors Property
  36. Who Rates Insurance Companies - Finding the Best
  37. Why You Need an Umbrella Policy
  38. Young Adults and High Earners Have Greatest Risk for Identity Theft
  39. New Youthful Drivers License Guidelines 2010
  40. 10 Ways to Gear Up for a Family Road Trip
  41. Above Average Hurricane Activity - Check Your Insurance Coverages Now
  42. Add a Teen Driver to Your Policy Without Breaking the Bank
  43. Auto Coverage for Your Teens Part Time Job
  44. Beyond Excess Policies
  45. Beyond the Law Setting Stricter Limits for Your Teen Driver
  46. Bloggers Should Ensure Liability Coverage Is Up to Par
  47. Can I Rent That Condo
  48. Candles Fires Present a Burning Problem
  49. Check Coverage Before Hitting the Road in Your RV This Summer
  50. Check Your Insurance Before Climbing into the Cockpit
  51. Common Sense Tips to Avoid a Home Burglary
  52. Computer Insurance You Really Need
  53. Congress Turns on the Floodlights
  54. Coping with Dog Bite Liability
  55. Cover Your Classic with Collector Car Insurance
  56. Cutting the Cost of Your Teenagers Car Insurance
  57. Do You Have Coverage Wherever Things Go Wrong
  58. Do You Have Insurance When You Use Someone Else's Car
  59. Do You Need a High-Value Homeowners Policy
  60. Do You Need an Umbrella
  61. Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Cover Your GPS
  62. Don't be Victimized Twice By a Hit and Run Driver
  63. Don't Become a Victim of Identity Theft
  64. Don't Float Your Boat Until You Know It's Protected
  65. Don't Own A Car You Still Might Need Auto Insurance
  66. Drivers Ed For Your Teen or the Birds
  67. Earthquake Protection
  68. Endorsement or Separate Policy for Your Motorcycle
  69. Ensure the Right Coverage for Your Jewelry
  70. Ensure Your Next Party Doesn't Turn into a Liability
  71. Excessive Holiday Drinking and Driving Don't Mix
  72. Finding the Best Home Contractor for the Job
  73. Flood Cleanup Minimizes Mold Growth
  74. Get a Clue on the Claims History of Your Future Home
  75. GMAC Survey Shows Drivers Unsure of Bus Safety Rules
  76. Hand Over the Keys Having the Big Talk with a Senior Driver
  77. Hands Free Phones Not As Safe As You May Think
  78. Hiring a Public Claims Adjuster to Handle Your Homeowners Insurance Claim
  79. Homeowners Are you Under-insured
  80. How Much Homeowners Insurance Do You Need
  81. How to Find a Trustworthy Car Mechanic
  82. How Well Do You Understand Your Fire Insurance Coverage
  83. In the World of Cars Is Bigger Always Safer
  84. Insure Home Improvement Projects to Ensure Success
  85. Insure Your Boat In and Out of the Water
  86. Is a Home Security System Right for You
  87. Is Your Golf Cart Properly Insured
  88. Is Your Home Hazardous to Your Health
  89. It May Be Art But Is It Covered
  90. Know Your Auto Insurance Needs If You Plan to Lease
  91. Make a Contract to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe
  92. Make that Tank of Gas Last
  93. Make the Right Decision When Choosing an Auto Repair Shop
  94. Managing The Risks of a Household Move
  95. Monitor Your Teens Behavior When They're Behind the Wheel
  96. Most House Fires Have a Human Cause
  97. NAIC Offers Tips to Expedite Your Insurance Claim
  98. New Federal Law Protects Consumers from Inaccurate and Misused Credit Information
  99. New Study Surveys Teen Driving Attitudes
  100. Outta the Way Understanding Move Over Laws
  101. Parents Tell Your Kids to Stop Texting and Drive
  102. Paying for the Clean Up After the Storm
  103. Power Up After the Storm with a Generator for Your Home
  104. Practice Safe Winter Driving Techniques
  105. Preparing for the Deluge Why Everyone Needs Flood Insurance
  106. Protect Your Assets with an Umbrella Policy
  107. Protect Your Family Jewels with the Proper Insurance
  108. Protect Your Identity with Identity Theft Insurance
  109. Radon The Little Known Health Hazard
  110. Renters Insurance Is a Must Have for Apartment Dwellers
  111. Replacement Cost Value or Actual Cash Value
  112. Risky Behaviors Behind the Wheel Can Lead to Car Crashes
  113. Safeguarding Your Wedding Ring
  114. Should You Ditch Your Collision Coverage
  115. Simple Steps to Burglar Proof Your Home
  116. Spring into the New Season with a Flood Insurance Check
  117. Stay Cautious on Deadliest Driving Days
  118. Steer Clear of Car Accidents
  119. Steer Clear of Expensive Car Insurance Mistakes
  120. Steer Clear of Traffic Camera Tickets
  121. Stop and Think Before Purchasing Insurance Online
  122. Take Precautions in Severe Weather Driving
  123. Take Steps to Protect Your Property Before a Hurricane Strikes
  124. Take Steps to Winterize Your Home Now
  125. Ten Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain
  126. Ten Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Homeowners Insurance
  127. The Importance of the Annual Insurance Checkup
  128. The Many Colors of Insurance Fraud
  129. There Are Good Reasons Why Your Insurance Doesn't Cover That Loss
  130. Think Twice Before Leaving a Child Unattended in a Car
  131. Time to Update Your Obsolete Driving Techniques
  132. Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Car Buying
  133. Tips for Hiring a Contractor for Your Home Repairs
  134. Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires
  135. Tips to Find Affordable Car Insurance for Your Teen Driver
  136. Traffic Crashes Cost Motorists Over $160 Billion Annually
  137. Traffic Deaths Decline to Lowest Levels Since 1961
  138. Understanding Car Insurance Rates
  139. Understanding the Benefits of Insurance Scoring
  140. Understanding When Your Coverage Ends
  141. US Coast Guard Safety Initiative Asks You to Boat Responsibly
  142. Using a Cell Phone While Driving Is Similar to Driving Under the Influence
  143. Using Airbags Without Seat Belts Increases Risk of Spinal Cord Injury
  144. Ways to Reduce Your Motorcycle Premiums
  145. What Additional Living Expense Coverage Means to Homeowners
  146. What the New Flood Insurance Maps Mean to You
  147. What Tort Reform Means to You
  148. What You Need to Know About Auto Body Repair
  149. Whats the Difference Between Policy Cancellation and Non-Renewal
  150. When It Rains It Pours
  151. When Should You Drop Collision Coverage
  152. Why State Minimum Coverage May Not Be Enough
  153. Will Your Insurance Cover That Water Spot on Your Ceiling
  154. Will Your Insurance Pay if Vandals Strike
  155. Yard Sales Can Be Risky Endeavors Without Enough Coverage
  156. Your Car Has Been Vandalized Now What
  157. You've Been in a Car Accident Do You Need A Lawyer
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